It's an interesting question to ask oneself... "Do I live my life respecting every human being with equal value...and if not why not?" How do you rate human value? Proximity" Age? Religion? Gender? Race? Usefulness? Likes and dislikes? Morals? Where do you get your value system? Your parents? Friends? The media? Politicians? Hypocrites who shout the loudest or those who are quietly consistent? Do we draw our beliefs from arrogant narcissists or humble altruists? Are our judgments of human value dictated by our desire for social harmony or by an insecure need to prove our own value to others? Do our actions reflect how we judge others? Are we happy to see the world crumble as long as we're left standing? Would you want your perspective on human worth to inspire a child? It's funny. When I play music I never ask any of those questions...But my favorite music has all the answers.”

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