History of Triphop Temple

I come from a classical guitar background so played pieces by composers such as Sor, Tarrega, Carcassi. But I did listen to heavy metal in junior high school like Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy, that sort of thing.

My composition professor in Korea was Professor Lee Seung Seon, an expert on the modernist composer Lutoslavski so I know the theory behind what someone like Allan Holdsworth was doing which I love especially All Our Yesterdays, Above & Below, and Distance vs Desire.

Compositions like that flowed out of me for a long time but it didn't go anywhere as you can imagine. It's mainly high level musicians who can understand and appreciate it.

I studied ethnomusicology in Korea from an expert on the music of Korean shamanism, Professor Park Mi Kyeong, while at the graduate university in Korea.

There were actually a lot of ethnomusicological field recordings available from all over the world such as the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia in the Korean city of Daegu.

I also had the first Javanese gamelan set to reside in Korea which I donated to the professor of ethnomusicology.

There was a drum academy down the street from my apartment for Korean changgu drum. I actually attended a concert of changgu master Kim Duk-soo which was amazing.

I went to Thailand and heard Piphat Mon ensembles and got to play the instruments.

I went to Indonesia and got the hear gamelan orchestras play up close.

Now I'm back in Bali producing music, mixing all of my education and experiences. I hope people love it. It's really important to me, my wife, and our two children that my fist single Dub Forest is a big success so please, PLEASE subscribe, like, comment, share, and especially BUY ten copies for your family and friends. Thank you.